Silver Jewellery Care

Silver Jewellery Care

Looking after your Silver Jewellery

It’s important for you to know that cleaning items that have oxidisation work is fine but do not use polish as it can clog in between the workmanship. If you’ve accidentally done this, then an old toothbrush might come in handy! Just use an impregnated cleaning cloth for these types of pieces.

Cleaning plain items such as cuffs can be done by applying a small amount of polish on a dry lint free cloth. Using a circular motion, cover the piece and leave to dry for a few minutes. Simply rub off the polish residue with a clean dry cloth and your piece has been restored.

You can further decrease the tarnish build up by applying a tarnish guard to your jewellery which will keep it nice and shiny for a longer period.

Try to avoid chemicals (perfumes, hairspray etc), wearing your items whilst showering or doing any heavy manual work, as this will increase tarnish build up.

When you’re not wearing an item store it in a zip lock bag or secure jewellery box to keep it safe and tarnish free.